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Hardwick, Cambridge

Policies and Procedures

Sorry this page is sparse ! I have just finished updating all my policies and will be updating this page shortly. My handbook, containing all policies and procedures is available to parents by appointment.

If you are a childminder seeking inspiration for your own policies, have a look at www.bromleycma.org.uk

If you are a childcare practitioner  you are welcome to use and adapt any of these policies for use in your own setting. Please do not just print and put your name at the top! It is important to take time to read through and ensure that your own policies accurately reflect the way you do things in your setting. It is good practice to sign and date each policy. You could also add "Date policy to be reviewed: ".

Please do not attempt to resell for profit! These policies are a combination of phrases that I have created and those that have been shared freely amongst other childcare professionals. You found them here for free, so if you would like to share with others, please pay it forward by sharing your adaptations freely, or direct others to this webpage. Thank you.

Admissions Policy
Data Protection Policy
Registration Fee/Deposit Fees/Retainer Fees
Settling In/Trial Period
Opening Hours
Working in Partnership with Parents
Working in Partnership with Other Settings
Uncollected Child Policy
Lost/Missing Child Policy
Late Payment Fees
Late Collection Fees
Substitute Childcare
Notice to Terminate Contract
Zero Tolerance Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Data Protection Policy
Inclusion Policy
Bilingual Support
Behaviour Policy
Contact/Touch Policy
Safeguarding Children Policy
Emergency Plan