We operate doorstep drop off/collections. This means we bring children to meet their parent at the door and parents do not normally come indoors unless a meeting has been arranged. Please be aware that it may not be possible to speak privately when you collect your child - even the smallest ears can hear and absorb everything said. If you wish to come in for a chat, please arrange this in advance wherever possible. You will need to remove your shoes and sign the visitor book if you come into the house when dropping off or collecting your child.

You can arrive and collect any time within your contracted time period. Please let us know in advance wherever possible'.  Just call us or text if you arrive early and we will tell you where to meet us if we have gone out, or what time we expect to return if you prefer to wait for our return.

Unless you have told us otherwise, we will normally expect you to arrive in the last 15 minutes of your booked time , ie if you have booked to end at 5 pm, we will expect you to arrive between 4:45 pm- 5 pm. The agreed collection time is the latest time you should leave with your child.

Please make sure you have allowed ample time for your journey and handover. Please check with us in advance if you would like to collect later than originally agreed. If you are unavoidably running late, please let us know as soon as you can (unless you cannot use your phone because you are driving). We understand that, on occasion, things happen that are outside of your control and we will, of course, keep your child safe and follow the Uncollected Child procedure.

The Emergency Overtime Rate will be charged whenever your child is still in our care after the agreed collection time. If we have evening commitments, we may have to take your child with us. If you have arrived late and we are not at home, please check your text messages or phone Sue's Mobile to find out where you can meet us to collect your child. The contract should reflect the usual pattern of attendance. If you are late, we may require you to extend the contracted hours to reflect the new requirements or we may cancel the childcare arrangement.

Please do not allow your child to run outside whilst you are still indoors. Only adults may open our front door and children may not leave the property without an adult. We ask that parents hold hands or use reins where necessary. Please help your child to show consideration for our neighbours by keeping off their gardens and driveways.

Smoking (including vaping) is not permitted on the property and we ask that parents avoid smoking immediately prior to collecting their child or visiting our home.

Collections can be a time of testing, when two different authority figures are present (ie, the parent and the childminder). Many children will test to see if the house rules still apply. We expect parents to back up our House Rules, but if needed, we will remind the child that their behaviour is inappropriate and take action to correct it. It is important to keep us informed of any changes to your collection time, so your child doesn't have to abandon an activity they have just started, nor have to wait patiently long after the time they thought they were going home. When we have a good idea of the time you are coming, we can collect your belongings together and prepare your child for hometime.