We operate doorstep drop off/collections. This means children say goodbye to their parent at the door and parents do not normally come indoors unless a meeting has been arranged. If you wish to come in for a chat, please arrange this in advance wherever possible. You will need to remove your shoes and sign the visitor book if you come into the house when dropping off or collecting your child.

We will normally expect you to arrive within around 15 mins of your arranged start time, ie if you have booked to start at 8 am, we will expect you to arrive between 8 am - 8:15 am. If you are running late, please text to let us know when you expect to reach us.

You can arrive and collect any time within your contracted time period. Just let us know in advance wherever possible' We will carry on with our day and will not wait in for late arrivals unless arranged in advance. So just call us or text if you are running late and we will tell you where to meet us if we have gone out, or what time we expect to return if you prefer to drop off at Sue's house.

Wherever possible, please arrange in advance if you would like to book an earlier arrival time or intend to arrive late. PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK BEFORE YOUR START TIME, we may not be ready to answer the door. If we let you in early, you may have to stay with your child until another child leaves to ensure we do not go over ratio. If we do accept your child early, you will be charged the Emergency Overtime Rate.

Children should arrive clean and fed (unless arriving shortly before a booked meal). Please check you have brought appropriate clothing for the weather, including shoes or boots, coat/jacket, hat/mittens or sun hat and sun lotion. As part of your morning routine, unless you tell us otherwise, we will expect that your child has had breakfast, a wash, clean nappy and brushed teeth.

Please do not allow your child to arrive eating - if you have given your child anything to eat please finish outside or in your car before you knock on the door. If there are exceptional circumstances which mean a child has not finished their breakfast, it is acceptable to bring to finish eating at Sue's (at the table) on the odd occasion. In this situation, please note we cannot normally cook or reheat food.

If your child has soiled their nappy on the way to Sue's, please let us know when you arrive and we will deal with this. It is not necessary for you to make yourself late for work to remedy this. However, it is important that you take time to ensure your child is washed and dressed in the mornings. Please do not bring your child in their  pyjamas or in last night's nappy.