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Zero Hours / Pay As You Go Contracts
for Ad-hoc, Emergency and  Occasional Childcare

You may have need of occasional care, for example:

  • you work irregular hours

  • you need to attend a meeting, training, job interview or overtime

  • to attend a dental, doctor or hospital appointment

  • to attend a hair or beauty appointment

  • to attend a funeral

  • to catch up on chores, DIY or renovations

  • when your usual childcarer is on holiday or unwell

  • when your child's school is closed for training or unexpected closure

  • to visit someone in hospital

  • respite care to give you a break

You will need to register with us first to ensure we have all the information we need to meet your child's needs. Once registered, you can text or email your requirements as and when they arise. If we have a space, we will raise an invoice on the software system we use - Baby's Days.


Unlike our long term, ongoing contracts, a regular time slot is not saved for the sole use of your child. This means you pay only for the days you need. No Deposit Fee. No Retainer Fees.

A registration fee is charged and this is renewable annually, should you wish to remain registered with our PAYG childminding service.

There is no notice period, you can leave at any time.